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Design & Branding

Choose that step of creating a differentiator and that where professional branding services come in. If your goal is to gain more clients or leads, do not hesitate to contact us.

Safe & Secure

Increasing your search engine ranking and building your sites virtual footprint starts with optimizing your site so that search engines can better index your site. We are the answer.

Fresh Interfaces

We create a site that will promote your business resulting to increased profitability. We keep industry standard metrics by tapping into the power of Mobile, Big Data & IoT and analytic.

Zuwau is a web application thats enable individual to own a personal website

We strives to foster and grow empowered relationships with our customers.

Beatsy Computing focuses its efforts in four service areas: Software development, Data analytic, Graphic design and Computing Online Shop.

Our vision as Beatsy Computing is to see improved productivity in businesses while enjoying exponential growth. Going along with Kenya Vision 2030, we are dedicated to do our part to achieve business growth in IT sector.

Beatsy Computing is the industry expert.

It is Beatsy Computing mission to empower business startups to meet their objectives. Beatsy Computing strives to foster and maintain positive relationships with each and every client (both internal and external), by providing cutting edge technology services at reasonable and competitive prices.

Reach us today and let us help you in your next project.

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